The Christmas Mistake

da | Dic 23, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

When Carina attempts to romance her fiancé for Christmas with a surprise hotel visit, she makes the embarrassing mistake of entering the wrong room and coming face to face with a stranger. She assumes nothing could be worse but is quickly proven wrong when she arrives to her fiancé’s actual room. In a state of shock from what she finds, Carina ends up being consoled by none other than the stranger whose room she had mistakenly entered before.

Yet shortly after speaking with him, Carina realizes the stranger she met was someone she recognized: Rad, her former best friend from high school. Nearly 10 years have passed since the two have been in contact, and things seem to have changed for the both of them. Confused, helpless, and lost, Carina stays in Baton Rouge with Rad and the two embark of an exciting set of Christmas adventures.

After spending time with Carina, Rad wonders if there is something existing beyond friendship between them. Their weekend getaway isn’t the last encounter for these former friends. Will things finally fall into place for Carina and Rad, or is their re-kindling just another mistake?

By Josephine Templeton

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