Whitehorse Christmas Showdown

da | Gen 19, 2023 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

Never too much cowboy in a special 2 in 1 classic Whitehorse Christmas volume from New York Times bestselling author BJ Daniels. Let the showdown begin!

The Mystery Man of Whitehorse—Bridger Duvall was a quiet rugged stranger who had everyone talking. Laci Cavanaugh thought she could unravel the mystery by working for him. But when one murder threatened to spiral into more, the truth became scarce. Could Laci and Bridger use their wary alliance to ensure that everyone got what they wanted for Christmas?

Classified Christmas—Cade Jackson was as country as a cowboy got. But he was a sucker for a sassy brunette in high heels. Andi Blake wasted no time disrupting his peaceful Christmas. Nothing was going to stop Andi from exposing Whitehorse secrets. And while she didn’t come to town looking for a cowboy, now that she’d rustled up one, could she find a way to get Cade under the mistletoe?

By B.J. Daniels

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