The True Meaning Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas: All You Need To Know About This Christmas Song

da | Nov 13, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

It might seem unbelievable given that the “Christmas creep” now begins before Halloween, but the true Christmas season actually starts on Christmas Day itself. That’s right: December 25 marks the official start of the 12 days of Christmas, the Christian tradition that shares its name with a relentlessly stick-in-your-head Christmas carol.

In the weeks before Christmas we put up Christmas decorations, Christmas trees adorned with bright tinsel, decorations and lights, we sing Christmas songs and carols and so it’s a beautiful, happy, exciting time of the year.
We hear The Twelve Days of Christmas wherever we go and sing along with great gusto. But when do the twelve days start and end? Twelve days before Christmas day or twelve after? What do they mean and what are the gifts all about? Find out about the Twelve Days of Christmas in the beautifully written book for children packed with photographs too.

By Gustavo Lounder

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