The Mrs. Clause

da | Gen 8, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

Chris, Herschel, Charlotte, Zo, and the gang are here for a year of fun and excitement. Follow Santas misadventures as he attempts to take his place as head of Santas Workshop. After taking over for his father, the story highlights his first year full-time at the North Pole, along with all the havoc he wreaks through accidents, mishaps, and misfortune as he undertakes the task of finding his niche and trying to fit in.
Being so far away from what hes relatively recently known as his home, his family, and his friends, he becomes acutely aware of how truly lonely and isolated life can be at the top. Just as he was resigned to live the rest of his life alone, in the magical Santa Claus scheme of things, he meets and falls for the girl of his dreamswho eventually, herself, becomes subject to the Mrs. Clause.
Be part of the elvish pranks and enchanting situations. It is a thoroughly charming, delightful, and comedic look at Santa Claus, love, and romance.

By Paul Ingham Lineback

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