The Clause Tradition

da | Gen 8, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

The last thing Noel wants is to hunt and kill vampires, but that was expected of Santa’s daughter. Her dad had once been a vampire himself. Ok, that was before she was born, but still, it made Dad a hypocrite to push her so hard towards vampire hunting. They were at a stalemate until Dad suggested she train in the South Pole with Aunt Star and Aunt Mary then make up her mind. It all seemed like a waste of time to Noel, who had no intentions of hunting vampires, but a semester with her cousin, Angel, couldn’t be all bad. It doesn’t take long before Noel runs across Kellen, whose dad hates all Clauses. Maybe Noel just might find more than she bargained for in the South Pole.

By Elizabeth Lee Sorrell

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