The Christmas Ruse

da | Gen 21, 2023 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

When Nicholas Cranleigh arrives at Cothill Manor to spend Christmas with his sister, he begins to suspect she’s planning more than just a Christmas ball. Her dear friend, Miss Lavinia Dresden, has also come to stay. Nicholas is on his guard, but it’s hard to resist Miss Dresden’s luminous eyes—or her need for a savior.

Lavinia Dresden is prepared to sacrifice her future happiness. Her father has arranged her betrothal to a wealthy but notorious baron to save himself from ruinous debt. Lavinia knows her fate will be sealed at the Cothill Christmas ball, but she never considered the cost of her sacrifice until the dashing Lord Cranleigh came into her life.

With only five days remaining until Christmas, the question is not whether Nicholas wants to save Miss Dresden—but whether he is able.

By Jennie Goutet

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