This fantasy is one to make you wonder what is happening next and where it is going. With plenty of fun and excitement thrown in for good measure. Your imagination will run riot and allow you to become one with the characters. Age is not a barrier to stop you enjoying this book. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Set in the Cornish countryside where rumour, legend, suspicion and folk-law still play a part in everyday life. Where there are still tales of being Pixie Led and people that will tell of The Beast of Bodmin Moor and ghosts that walk in the road at night only to disappear when you approach, spirit Monks who walk the seafront disappearing into the waves and many other stories.
Fiction or fact? I have spoken to people who would swear to the above things having happened in the recent past. The Adventures of Zia are set in modern times and there are plenty of adventures to go into my next book in the same vein. So get comfy and allow yourself to indulge in true fantasy. Can you have true fantasy? Well, read and allow yourself the added luxury of an unshackled imagination and see!!!

By Kate Christmas

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