The author dedicates her book to the memories of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, and all other girls and boys who have been lost to sexual predators. She feels that by shedding light on these dark events, she can only hope that it will help prevent similar tragedies in the future. Treasured by their families and friends, both girls disappeared in San Diego County, just eight miles and one year apart. The community’s desperate search led authorities to John Albert Gardner, a brutal predator hiding in plain sight. This is a riveting book, filled with emotion and heartbreak. I cannot begin to imagine the hurt and pain that the King and Dubois families endured during the time their daughters went missing, not knowing if they were alive or dead. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, an ordeal that Rother puts into perspective in her book. What this book really does is to make parents more alert and mindful of hidden dangers lurking about. This book is a wake-up call for law enforcement, parents, and legislators, which has resulted in groundbreaking legislation such as Chelsea’s Law

By Quincy Christmas

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