It’s a Wonderful Life: A Christmas Romance

da | Gen 19, 2023 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

Everlee Foster hasn’t had the easiest life but still, she feels blessed. At least she’s always had Chloe, her best friend. The two are struggling to make ends meet when a job opportunity comes along that Everlee can’t turn down. There is a catch! The man she will be working for is a rich recluse that runs off everyone hired. That means that the twelve that come before her couldn’t handle the surly man. She has to try, for Chloe and herself.

Kane Kendrick used to have it all. Now he stays out of the city and away from his former life. One moment… one decision change his life forever. He lost everything. He’s content in his misery and melancholy, living on a mountain in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina. Another housekeeper is hired which irritates him. Once again, he sees it as a challenge as to how fast he can make them run. It’s just this time, it feels different. Everyone wants something from him, so it knocks him off-kilter when the new employee wants nothing.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas romance!

By A.J. Nighthawke

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