Idalet. Volume V: Trans-personal Contemporary Abstract Art

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As a child, she listened to the African drums playing their unique rhythm at night. Born in Zululand, Kwa-Zulu Natal, the rich and passionate African life with traditional dancing and witch-doctors in the setting of rolling hills, sugar cane fields and the Indian Ocean, deeply imprinted the soul of this South African artist. At high school in Durban the multicultural environment, especially the Indian culture, further influenced her psyche. The colourful sari materials, Indian interiors and wedding ceremonies with exotic flowers made a lasting impression to complete her African inheritance.

Hotel groups, large decorating firms and private collectors purchased her work from countries which included Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, America, England, Luxembourg, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Spain.

These interpretations relate to possible clairvoyance abilities portrayed in the paintings.

By Erica de Kok

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