His First Time: Nick

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I’ve been called a womanizing jerk too many times to count. Perhaps it’s true, but I like my life just the way it is. Will one night as Santa change my beautifully wicked world?

I’m Nick Wallace. You’ve probably never heard of me. But if you have, I’ll brace myself for the incoming slap.

My older brother is the famous race car driver, Beau Wallace. Yes, that Beau Wallace. Nothing I do will ever top him, so I gave up trying a long time ago. I’m the screw-up of our family, and I’ve learned to accept it.

When I get tricked into playing Santa Claus for a charity event, I decide I’ll make the most of it by spending a steamy night of passion in a lonely single-mom’s bed.

Freckle-faced Tyson and his gorgeous, skittish mother, Kelsey, are trying to wiggle their way inside my ice-cold heart, but even the real Santa couldn’t create that kind of Christmas miracle.

Will a special Christmas wish help Nick find true love, or is he already too far gone for holiday magic to work? Find out now in His First Time: Nick.

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By Ann Omasta

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