Hana’s First Christmas on The Farm

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Though Hana the dog has only lived on the farm for a short time, she has adopted several young animals: Tigger the kitten, Yowly the coyote pup, Twirly the squirrel, plus Tappy the young woodpecker. She has also been saving all the treats that have been given to her by her new humans to be presents for her babies for Christmas. She has buried each present in the ground in different places all over the farm.
 It is now the day before Christmas, and Hana goes to dig up all the presents for her babies. Though she searches all over the farm, Hana cannot find the presents. It is winter, there is snow, and the ground is frozen. Along comes Lokee, her adopted big brother, hoping she will come help him chase a possum. Though after hearing about her problem, Lokee tries to assure her Santa will bring her babies presents. But Hana is afraid Santa won’t be able to find all her babies. Lokee then offers to help her find those presents because, after all, that is what families do for each other. Besides that, Lokee is trying to make sure he is on Santa’s nice list.

By Tami Johnson

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