Christmas Kids On Town: Story Of Saving The Old Business Before It Is Closed Completely

da | Nov 12, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

For many of us, the holidays generate some of our most vivid memories. And it's funny the weird things that stick with us. This book is well-written and will remind us of our lives as children as we remember them (more so than how our lives really were!).

The holidays are approaching, and Marshall Maddox is realizing what Christmas on Radio Road is all about. He and his friends go caroling, look at Christmas lights, have snowball fights, attend pageants and much more. Like most of the kids in the neighborhood, Marshall is growing to cherish Mr. Schleishenheimer’s Family Fun Center, where ice skating is the featured attraction. But just as Marshall is learning to skate, he and his friends discover that the Fun Center is about to be shut down. The kids are heartbroken… Marshall and his friends would love to save the old business before it is closed completely, but no one is quite sure what to do. Can Marshall and the others help pull the community together before it is too late?

By Andres Saalfrank

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