Christmas Joy

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Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

Four years after Brady and Luna came into Hailey and Nick’s life, they, plus their three-year-old daughter, April, are happily settled on the Gulf Coast of Florida with their dachshund, Zeke, and their adopted fluffy white dog, Tiger. Building sandcastles is still something they all love to do. Hailey and Nick discover Brady is musical, and he and Nick enter a talent contest, which is covered in the local newspaper. Then, out of the blue, a woman appears on their doorstep claiming she is Brady and Luna’s grandmother. After researching and discovering the woman is who she claims to be, Hailey is forced into making room for a family member she hoped never to meet. Remembering how Maddie Kirby once took her in as a young child, Hailey works hard to make it happen even as she wants to protect her children, discovering along the way a new kind of Christmas Joy.

If you’re a fan of small towns, heartwarming family holiday stories, along with a few furry friends, you’ll fall in love with the latest book featuring more from the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Series written by USA Today bestselling author, Judith Keim.

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By Judith Keim

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