A Dalmatian puppy, a family cat and a magic time travelling suitcase. A page-turning, time travel adventure series for children aged 7-12.

Fluke and Tash embark on a new and exciting adventure to Santa’s secret Workshop, Elf training school, and the reindeer flying academy!

Using their magic suitcase, they fly to the North Pole, land of ice and snow, in search of the mystical and magical Santa’s Workshop.

Join Fluke and Tash in a desperate attempt to help Santa Claus. With Christmas in jeopardy, and time running out, will they be in time to save the big day?

Find out in Fluke and Tash’s Christmas Adventure.

With a time travelling suitcase, who knows where they’ll end up next!

An excellent read for boys and girls where the adventure of a lifetime starts with the turn of a page…

The Fluke and Tash series can be read in any order and with several books to choose from your new adventure begins with the turn of a page…

Also available in the Fluke and Tash series:

Robin Hood Adventure

Egyptian Adventure

Ancient Greece Adventure

Dinosaur Adventure

Christmas Adventure

Pirate Adventure

By Mark Elvy

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