Amid the Cold of Winter

da | Set 12, 2022 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

It’ s Christmas and DS Zander Ellery is buried in work. He’ s tried hard to put the events of Jack’ s House, an undercover operation, behind him, yet his thoughts keep returning to Kate. She promised to keep in touch, and she hasn’ t.

Kate Dahlbeck left town after the events of Jack’ s House. With her past exposed, no home and no job, she fled to her brother to work for him. Now she’ s up to her neck in trouble, on the run and can only think of one person to help. Zander with a zed.

Zander and his partner, DC Isabel York, agree to help. It doesn’ t take much investigating before Zander understands that Kate’ s situation is far worse, far messier, and far more dangerous than he first realized.

By Clare Revell

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