As Rathbone sets forth on an odyssey into London’s dark streets, the outcome of his mission he cannot begin to guess…

Anne Perry writes a festive story of hope and redemption emerging from the depths of Victorian society in the seasonal novella A Christmas Odyssey. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘A bite-sized mystery that could be fitted in after your Christmas lunch’ – Daily Telegraph

1864, and on a bitter December night in Victorian London, one man longs for a Christmas miracle. The city is preparing for the holidays yet James Wentworth is unable to focus on anything other than the disappearance of his wayward son, Lucien. In desperation, he turns to his old friend Sir Henry Rathbone for help.

Rathbone finds assistance in the shape of reformed criminal Squeaky Robinson and the enigmatic Doctor Crow, and as the group’s investigations take them deeper into the seedy underbelly of the capital, they uncover a squalid world of illicit pleasures and a trail that leads them closer to the man they seek.
But as they get nearer to their quarry, tales also begin to emerge of Lucien’s violent tendencies, his consuming obsession with a dangerous young woman and the disturbing Shadow Man. Can they bring Lucien home alive and, if so, will it be a grave mistake for all concerned?

What readers are saying about A Christmas Odyssey:

‘The book is pacey and full of atmosphere and tension

An enjoyable romp through the underworld’

Five stars

By Anne Perry

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