A Christmas Kiss

da | Gen 20, 2023 | Libri di natale | 0 commenti

A Kissing Ball and a Voodoo Spell; A Little Christmas Magic Goes Awry

It’s a Colonial Christmas in the West Indies! Miss Chloe Ramirez is the companion to Lady Elizabeth Beaumont. She’s secretly hoping that her beau will declare himself at the Ravencrest Christmas Eve party. When her mistress tells her of an English kissing ball hung in doorways at Christmas and has the power to compell men to come forward and make their affections known, Chloe decides to make one for the Ravencrest Christmas Eve party and imbue it with good old fashioned Voodoo magic to secure Gareth’s heart. Her spell seems to have no affect on Gareth, but love’s magic goes awry as several other men vie for her attentions.

This the third story in A Dark Hero Christmas, featuring the Paid Companion’s Story. The Ravencrest house party is in full swing, with romance and magic in the air. Look for books one and two for the Bride’s story and The Widow’s Story.

By Lily Silver

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