A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol – A Starlight Storybook is a dramatic retelling of the classic tale by Charles Dickens. It’s written in poetic form and features 34 brand new illustrations.  Enjoy Dickens like never before in this witty portrayal of the miserly Scrooge and his warm-hearted employee, Bob Cratchit. It’s both quick and fun to read, and packs a hefty emotional punch.

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A Sample of the Story:

Part 1. On Christmas Eve

On a cold winters day 
in a far away land
was a greedy and grumpy 
and sour old man.
Scrooge was his name, 
for his heart was too small.
And gold was the one thing
he loved most of all.

His office was bleary 
and dreary and cold.
He kept only one candle 
and one lump of coal.
He paid only one workman 
to do every job,
a kind and warm hearted 
young fellow named Bob.

By John Marr

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